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Help others by posting details about your credit card and loan applications. Were you approved or declined? Everytime you apply for a loan or credit card points are "usually" deducted from your scores. Using WhoGaveMeCredit can save you time and prevent credit point deductions. Anonymous credit postings are made daily from people with excellent credit, good credit and poor credit.

Credit Search Table

Name Equifax Experian TransUnion Approved Loan Type Credit Agency Income Bankruptcy Credit Limit Interest Rate Comments Date
Amex Blue Cash Everyday680695693Credit CardExperian135000100000.00BK chapter 13 in 2008. Also new car loan $40K month before same score.2016-12-06
Bloomigdales608640633Credit CardUnKnown5200000.002016-11-30
Kolhs608640633Credit CardUnKnown5200000.002016-11-30
Nemius Marcus608640633Credit CardUnKnown5200000.002016-11-30
Victoria secret58000Credit CardEquifax03000.002016-11-29
CHASE, CITI, BOA,677679664Credit CardExperian13000000.003 CHARGEOFFS PAID OVER 3 YEARS AGO. PERFECT SINCE.2016-11-28
AMEX677679664Credit CardExperian13000010000.002016-11-28
Discover06850Credit CardExperian6240055000.002016-11-27
Navy Federal00614Credit CardTransUnion54000710015.40I have one unpaid collections on my Transunion at about 4100 and a CH. 7 that discharged in 2013.2016-11-27
Kay Jewelry671670718Credit CardTransUnion6000050000.00Please read! Just got approved today instantly online. Applied to over 10 banks in one day. 5 approved.score drop by only 10pts after all the inquiries. Utilization 3%. 1 active account on file. 1 closed account 8yrs ago. Im good for now! ­čśü email me if you need info got lots. Check my earlier post2016-11-24
Cabelas671670718Credit CardEquifax6000000.00Further processing. I called recon. They pulled two files equifax ok. Sagestream never heard of not ok. Denied2016-11-24
Dicover Amex Citi671670718Credit CardEquifax6000000.00Please read! Applied for all kinds of cards in one day. 14 inquiries over night got approved for 3 different cards (Slate, Synchrony Wal, Wells Fargo Visa) Applied chase 4times approved 1 when they pull transunion. Applied Discover 5times everytime pull Equifax denied. I have alot of info because been applying alot. Email me if you need help names mike2016-11-23
Capital One Quicksilver671670718Credit CardEquifax320003000.00First cc after return from overseas. Limt $300. No other credit on file except one closed acct. 10/18/2016 easy to approve2016-11-23
Wells Fargo Platinum Visa671670718Credit CardExperian6000025000.00Instant online approval.2016-11-23
Walmart Mastercard Sync671670718Credit CardTransUnion6000018000.00Further processing. Called immediately to verify phone and id approved!2016-11-23
Chase Slate671670718Credit CardTransUnion6000032000.00Been over seas for 8yrs one card remain on file but closed. Cap one1 approve one month earlier2016-11-23
Walmart619613622Credit CardUnKnown4500070024.992016-11-21
Neiman Marcus619613622Credit CardUnKnown4500070024.99Capital one backs this card, I have three accounts with them in good standing starting 2 years ago.2016-11-21
Nordstrom577580599Credit CardEquifax6000030023.152016-11-19
Walmart store card/ Synchrony Bank00623OtherTransUnion12000000.00No approval :( scores used are based on my fico, not credit Karma.2016-11-19
Comenity Capital/ HSN (Home Shopping Network)62200OtherEquifax800007500.00Scores used are based on My Fico data, not credit Karma.2016-11-19
Amazon Store Card Synchrony Bank637640623OtherTransUnion1200008000.00Scores are based on data from My Fico, not credit Karma. Applied for Amazon Store card only.2016-11-19
Citi / Advantage Platinum68800Credit CardEquifax86000700021.992016-11-18
Nordstroms633608583Credit CardUnKnown4200030023.002016-11-16
Capital One - QS1599608601Credit CardUnKnown820005000.002016-11-15
Credit One05800Credit CardExperian60000100019.902016-11-15
Barclay's000Credit CardTransUnion70000130025.00Was approved , applied through Credit Karma website with VERY GOOD approval odds!2016-11-12
JC Penney's6100643Credit CardTransUnion600007000.00Approved at the local JCP store, had to call in and verify info and was approved after verification.2016-11-12
Santander Consumer59800AutoEquifax12100000.002016-11-10
Barclay Visa00572Credit CardTransUnion12100000.002016-11-10
Ford Credit05740AutoExperian12100000.00Was approved through Capital One Auto financing and bought the car.2016-11-10
Fuel Rewards Mastercard60800Credit CardEquifax12150000.00Shell Gas station Mastercard through Comenity Capital Bank.2016-11-10
Belk00753Credit CardTransUnion8480090024.99Was instantly approved for the $9002016-11-10
Merrick Bank06000Credit CardExperian5200055024.95Merrick Bank pre-approval offer in the mail. Instant Approval. Merrick Bank Double your line automatic increase jumps to $1,100 after 7 months of on time payments.2016-11-10
Wells Fargo58800AutoEquifax12100000.00Was approved with Capital One Auto Financing and bought the car.2016-11-10
Lowe's00753Credit CardTransUnion84800500026.99I was approved for $2,000 initially. I recon and told them I wanted to buy a washer and dryer set and I would be over 50% on my credit usage so was there anyway they could raise it up to $5,000? They asked me to verify annual income, address, phone number and then approved me for the $5,000!!!2016-11-10
Target57400Credit CardEquifax12100000.002016-11-10
childrens place000Credit CardUnKnown05000.002016-11-03
lee673673744Credit CardExperian000.002016-10-29
Amazon Store Card750750750Credit CardUnKnown18000055000.002016-10-27
Wayfair750719753Credit CardExperian8480065000.00Tried the SCT trick for several weeks and it would never pop up. So I decided to just apply and was instantly approved.2016-10-27
Marvel Mastercard750719753Credit CardTransUnion8480040000.00I got the 7-10 day message because I previously had an alert on my credit and a freeze. So I am assuming for precautions it is still flagging my credit. Verfied my identity and was approved.2016-10-27
Overstock660647650Credit CardUnKnown12300050000.002016-10-26
Ebay Mastercard660647650Credit CardUnKnown12300050024.002016-10-26
Discover IT Card6606790Credit CardUnKnown110000350011.000% intro rate for 12 months. BK CH7 Discharged 7/2013.2016-10-26
ny&company000Credit CardUnKnown02000.002016-10-23
express000Credit CardUnKnown02500.002016-10-23
loft000Credit CardUnKnown02000.002016-10-23
fullbeauty000Credit CardUnKnown02500.00shopping cart trick..:)2016-10-23
credit acceptance corp000AutoUnKnown0180000.002016-10-23
j crew000Credit CardUnKnown02500.002016-10-23
Amex greenCard06450Credit CardExperian7000000.00Reason for denial bankruptcy from 4yrs ago2016-10-22
Amex688720756Credit CardEquifax115000126000.00Approved instantly, 2 small collections on equifax. 3 yrs credit history only. Credit ratio under 20$2016-10-19
Chase630654637Credit CardExperian70000400020.002016-10-19
Chase - Southwest587589606Credit CardExperian6800000.002016-10-18
Bank of america000Credit CardUnKnown05000.002016-10-18
Torrid555534548Credit CardEquifax6240000.002016-10-17
NFCU647675656UnsecuredTransUnion57000300015.90Nfcu cloc {checking line of credit} just asked for 3000 should have asked for max {15k} instant approval2016-10-15
NFCU gorewards647675656Credit CardTransUnion57000500015.90applied on line in response to mailer instant approval for 5000,have had checking account with nfcu for over 10yrs just never applied to use any of there products2016-10-15
penfed648699665Credit CardEquifax57000500015.00used same pull from when i joined 60 days ago ,also approved for thrifty line of credit $500.00 {overdraft protection} penfed defender visa siggy, already have penfed visa siggy rewards $8500.002016-10-15
victorias secret58000Credit CardEquifax025025.002016-10-14
WALMART660678659Credit CardUnKnown8000012000.002016-10-10
JCrew5890601Credit CardTransUnion870002500.002016-10-08
Chase Slate664680663Credit CardUnKnown14100032000.00Received prequalified offer and was approved for $3200.2016-10-07
BankAmericard Cash Rewards762741794Credit CardTransUnion8480050000.00None2016-10-06
Citi® Double Cash Card762741792Credit CardEquifax8480050000.00None2016-10-06
Fidelity® Rewards Visa762741794Credit CardTransUnion8480050000.00None2016-10-06
Discover000Credit CardTransUnion8480065000.00None2016-10-06
Discover It762701782Credit CardTransUnion8480065000.00None2016-10-06
Amex EveryDay Cash Back762741792Credit CardExperian8480080000.00None2016-10-06
Barclaycard CashForward MasterCard762741792Credit CardEquifax8480050000.00None2016-10-06
Amazon Store Card7670767Credit CardUnKnown145000450026.242016-10-04
Discover729732731Credit CardEquifax45000150019.23Have 11 months history been getting preapprovals in mailfor 5 months and decided i wanted a unsecured credit card and went with discover it cash back!! would recommand going there they are great!2016-10-04
Credit One559552535Credit CardUnKnown624003000.002016-10-03
Capital One589591598Credit CardUnKnown624003000.002016-10-03
TJMaxx596594601Credit CardTransUnion6240000.002016-10-03
Discover585591602Credit CardUnKnown6240000.002016-10-03
Express569583604Credit CardUnKnown624005000.002016-10-03
Overstock.com587596610Credit CardUnKnown624002500.002016-10-03
Victoria's Secret569552535Credit CardExperian624002500.002016-10-03
Jc penney610616655Credit CardTransUnion2300050026.602016-09-24
CHASE SLATE Visa56100Credit CardEquifax12100000.002016-09-23
Credit one584541539Credit CardExperian8600030024.00Post 341, pre discharge approval.2016-09-23
AMEX Blue Cash Preferred720721720Credit CardEquifax1150002000015.00Positives - Perfect payment history. 10% usage. Negatives - 7 hard inquires. 3 year avg age. Car loan $22k remaining. Citi Double Cash Back $10k limit. Discover $4k. Chase $4.5k. Target $1300. Cap one $2k. Amex Gold $30k spending limit.2016-09-18
CFNA00588Credit CardTransUnion60000100022.902016-09-17
PenFed6300640Credit CardUnKnown75000900017.992016-09-14
Capital One Quicksilver6360636Credit CardUnKnown05000.002016-09-14
Walmart6360636Credit CardEquifax02000.002016-09-14
JCrew540520580Credit CardEquifax3000025025.00Rebuilding credit.2016-09-11
Amazon Store Card629629621Credit CardUnKnown12600080024.942016-09-08
Bank One522496540Credit CardEquifax2900030025.002016-09-08
Wayfair592552590Credit CardEquifax3000050025.002016-09-08
Discover It70100Credit CardEquifax5400000.002016-09-08
magnolia Federal Credit Union701587641AutoEquifax54000150005.00They pull Equifax Only2016-09-08
Capital One Credit card601560610Credit CardTransUnion4500030023.002016-09-08
Old Navy00641Credit CardTransUnion600002000.00Rebuilding2016-09-07
Walmart00641Credit CardTransUnion600001500.00Rebuilding credit2016-09-07
Amazon00641Credit CardTransUnion600005000.00Rebuilding2016-09-07
Capital One Credit Card00554Credit CardUnKnown350003000.002016-09-06
Full Beauty592520610Credit I did the shopping cart trick.Add items up to 200, don't buy. A preapproval pops up, accept and click off. It's a low amount, but good if you're building credit. I'm only going to purchase bras twice a year. Over time it will raise my current score.2016-09-04
Discover It66100Credit CardEquifax75000650021.002016-09-03
Firestone520530589Credit CardExperian2900090027.002016-09-02
Wayfair671671653Credit CardExperian6890044000.004K using shopping cart trick with soft inquiry. Requested credit line increase when account was set up and approved additional 400 dollars.2016-08-31
Credit One bank502533512Credit CardEquifax2800030024.00I got approved with a very low score. I recently purchase a car, at the time my score was a 650, all the I inquiries drop my score. I went from having 6 inquires to 20. I'm a first buyer.2016-08-31
Overstock671671652Credit CardEquifax6890035000.00Approved using shopping cart tick. This was a soft inquiry.2016-08-31
Capital One Quicksilver671671652Credit CardExperian6890057500.00Approved 2 weeks after BK discharge. Starting limit was 2K with credit steps. 5th month on time payments bumped up to 3500. Offered upgrade to Quicksilver with no annual fee at 6 months. 12 months given increase to 5750. Pre approval via mail.2016-08-31
Sportsman Visa671671652Credit CardEquifax6890035000.00BK 14 months old. Soft pull EQ used shopping cart trick.2016-08-31
Gardner White609639645Credit CardExperian80000450028.99lots of inquiries couple old baddies. low utiliziation.2016-08-30
Shell Gas Card - Citi64400Credit CardEquifax530008500.002016-08-30
Discover64400Credit CardEquifax5300010000.002016-08-30
Navy Federal Credit Union NRewards Visa567600634Credit CardExperian95000750018.602016-08-29
Kohl's605590610Credit CardEquifax2900030024.00Rebuilding my credit. I have 8 charge- off,that has not been paid a few years ago, Keep applying, and they will finally give you a chance.I applied 8 times in 3 years.2016-08-23
Navy Federal Credit Union5940592Credit CardTransUnion6300300018.001 Collection and 3 late payments. All over 4yrs old. Utilization @ 56%. New card to bring util. below 50%.2016-08-23
Penfed648699665UnsecuredEquifax5700085000.00I applied for an auto loan with penfed and while I was in the bank they asked did I want a credit card , I said ok but did not think I would get approved my highest credit card was a cap one platinum with a 1300cli. Penfed approved me for a visa platinum rewards with a $8500. cli ! I was floored! If you have been thinking about penfed now is the time !! Only 8 months ago I had a 550 fico score !!2016-08-19
Penfed648699665AutoEquifax57000330006.20I could not believe penfed appoved me I had a 550 fico score in Nov.15 , I took out a 14k auto loan with cap one in Nov.15 at 17% was able to get some baddies off my credit report and decided to try penfed after talking to some friends, also got approved for visa signature rewards card for $8500.00!!2016-08-19
Discover648699665UnsecuredExperian5700010000.00Applied for discover it had to call in and verify some info got approved for 1000. Not bad considering I had a 550 credit score in Nov.of 20152016-08-19
Penfed75600Credit CardEquifax110000310000.002016-08-18
Capital One Secured Mastercard528562534Credit CardUnKnown3000020024.99Easy approval for rebuilding credit2016-08-16
captial one591590590Credit CardTransUnion10000000.002016-08-12
cap one00603Credit CardTransUnion02000.002016-08-10
fingurhut00603Credit CardTransUnion01800.002016-08-10
Ashley Stewart612605605Credit CardExperian4500025027.00Rebuilding credit.2016-08-09
Capital One00688Credit CardTransUnion2600000.002016-08-09
First Premier Bank540590576Credit CardExperian7000030036.002016-08-08
Abercrombie & Fitch605612605Credit CardTransUnion4200035024.002016-08-08
first premier bank000Credit CardUnKnown030019.002016-08-07
Victoria Secret522532524Credit CardTransUnion3000025024.002016-08-06
Synchrony582651610Credit CardExperian700004000.002016-08-05
Sychrony Am. Eagle582651610Credit CardExperian700004000.002016-08-05
Amazon Visa50800Credit CardEquifax7500000.00Denied for following reasons: You credit report reflects charge off(s) or bad debt collection(s) Credit report shows delinquency, public record or bankruptcy One or more revolving accounts have not been paid as agreed Recent requests for new credit2016-08-03
New York & Company579578597Credit CardExperian4000020024.00Happy to get approved. I'm rebuilding my credit. I ruined my credit 4 years ago. I went from a 700 to a 350 beacon score from making bad choices.2016-08-02
Captial One Platinum583597614Credit CardTransUnion2850010000.00Rebuilding credit. About $100k in private student loans, $1k paid off and the rest went in default. $60k in federal loans, in IBR. One $2k judgment for old BoA credit card. No revolving credit, no car loans.2016-08-01
Citi AAdvantage07140Credit CardExperian1180001000019.242016-07-30
Springleaf05380SecuredExperian120000450028.90I had to use my car title for collateral, but it was better than a title loan. They loaned me about $500 more than I could have sold the car for.2016-07-30
Kohls 0627636Credit CardUnKnown03000.002016-07-29
New York & Company565590651Credit CardTransUnion3000025018.002016-07-29
Express Next0627636Credit CardUnKnown05000.002016-07-29
Walmart 6270636Credit CardTransUnion08000.002016-07-29
Navy Federal Credit Union 00543Credit CardTransUnion5000700014.75I have had an account with them for almost three years and the Platinum card for the same amount of time. I have been asking for credit increases at least twice a year with no luck. My credit was in the 620s when I first opened. I decided to apply for a different card, flagship rewards, and I was approved for $7,000. I have 6 paid collections on my report as well as two unpaid collections for a total of $900 and one paid judgement for $1200. 2016-07-26
capital one59000Credit CardEquifax05000.002016-07-23
Total Visa548560576Credit CardExperian7000030029.002016-07-22
Discover It Secured548560576Credit CardEquifax7000020028.002016-07-22
Credit One548560576Credit CardExperian7000030029.002016-07-22
Access Vis548560576Credit CardTransUnion7000030029.002016-07-22
Capital One Credit card565550579Credit CardTransUnion4000030022.00Rebuilding credit. This is my second chance to have a credit card with them.I ruined my credit back in 2012, Capital One gave me a second chance to rebuild. This is a great card, although, I only got 300.00 credit line with them, which I'm very gracious. I'm happy to get a second chance to redeem myself. 2016-07-18
Capital One auto loan590600650AutoTransUnion290002000018.00This is my first car, I had a co-signer. I put a low down payment, 2000.00 Capital One was the only one who would accept me because, I've been on my job only a month, this is my first purchase. 2016-07-18
Visa65400Credit CardEquifax120004300017.992016-07-16
Amazon Store Card632667666Credit CardTransUnion5000014000.002 unpaid Judgemnts from 2011, no collections, 2 negative accounts, positive payment history & accounts for 2 years2016-07-15
American Express06500Credit CardExperian7500050000.002016-07-15
marvel00700Credit CardTransUnion6500060000.002016-07-13
Blispay07600Credit CardExperian27500750019.90Not instant told to call but got approval by email next day.2016-07-10
Discover00614Credit CardUnKnown45000160023.00Initial offer was for a 10% interest rate, they came back with a 23% rate2016-07-08
American Express681666710Credit CardUnKnown700000400023.902016-07-02
Discover Card00678Credit CardTransUnion90000550023.50Bankruptcy discharged 03/2011. Previous Discover card account included in bankruptcy. More than 25 inquiries in 24 months. 6% utilization. 100% on time payment history.2016-07-01
Barclay NFL Mastercard678690678Credit CardTransUnion90000550025.50Bankruptcy discharged 03/2011. Already have the Barclay Rewards M/C. More than 25 inquiries in 24 months. 6% utilization. 100% on time payment history. Received a $105 statement credit after 2 months! Although the interest rate is high, the key is to pay the balance in full each month in order to avoid the interest charge. At this point, no complaints.2016-07-01
CREDIT ACCEPTANCE601533531AutoExperian70000220000.00No money down @ Rockland Hyundia2016-06-29
Capital One607594622Credit CardUnKnown4500020015.992016-06-26
Capital One5470495Credit CardEquifax4500020024.992016-06-26
Barclay Black Card06850Credit CardExperian050000.00Initially instantly denied. Called to recon and they requested copy of my DL and bank statement. After almost two weeks, security analyst called asked a few questions then told me I was approved.2016-06-25
Credit One Bank6400654Credit CardEquifax5339350024.002016-06-17
American Express671660660Credit CardExperian14300010000.002016-06-11
American Express621623549Credit CardExperian150000100018.702016-06-10
Synchrony/Phillips 6600691Credit CardTransUnion500007500.00Called in and raised limit to $3500. Two 120 days lates from 2010, one 120 day late from 2012. (Student loans)2016-06-10
capital one514541544Credit CardTransUnion5500030024.992016-06-05
Nissan Financial Corp 670640610AutoTransUnion70000180000.00Approved for a lease on a 2016 Altima2016-06-04
Honda Financial services 670640610AutoTransUnion70000360008.002016-06-04
TD Bank05560Credit CardExperian12100000.002016-06-03
SouthWest AirLines Visa (Chase Bank)50800Credit CardEquifax12100000.002016-06-03
AmeriCredit59800AutoEquifax12100000.00Was already approved by Capital Once for a $25,000 loan.2016-05-30
Kohls/Capital One538573543Credit CardUnKnown3000030024.242016-05-27
American Express(Delta Skymiles)06800Credit CardUnKnown196000500019.492016-05-26
Capital One Platinum618648608Credit CardUnKnown34000100024.001 collection account on both TU & EQ for $4500 (3 years old). 3 year old charge-off last updated four months ago on EQ to paid in full but still a chargeoff. Last late payment 8 months ago. 2 negative accounts. 5 positive accounts. AAoA 3 & 1/2 years. . . Instant approval online for $1,000. Have been rebuilding for several months. Scores increased over 150 points in 8 months. Lots of clean up. I have a cap1 secured card for 3 months at $200. Only other revolving credit line is a $200 fingerhut account.2016-05-22
Discover It61000Credit CardUnKnown83000140023.002016-05-20
Citi Advantage Platinum Select06360Credit CardUnKnown6000030000.00Instant approval. 50k aadvantage miles bonus2016-05-17
Barclay00750Credit CardUnKnown1600010000.00JetBlue card2016-05-13
Capital One Quicksilver545571550Credit CardUnKnown8700050023.242016-05-11
Marvel00760Credit CardUnKnown120000400025.24Reconnect limit to 15k2016-05-11
AMEX Blue Cash Preferred721755724Credit CardUnKnown110000100000.00Highest cash back rewards card available. Perfect payment history, 18% utilization, oldest acct 4 years. 2016-05-10
Discover Card6750691Credit CardUnKnown90000550022.50Bankruptcy discharged in 2011; 9% credit card utilization and 15 inquires in the last 18 months. 2016-05-08
Credit One Bank5836730Credit CardUnKnown470015000.00Your Credit Score\r\n 198\r\n Source: Experian\r\n Date: 5/6/2016\r\n\r\nWhat you should know about credit scores\r\n Your credit score is a number that reflects the information in your credit report. We used your credit score to set the terms of credit we are offering you.\r\n\r\nYour credit score can change, depending on how your credit history changes.\r\n\r\nThe range of scores\r\n Scores range from a low of -5 to a high of 298.\r\n\r\nKey factors that adversely affected your credit score\r\nInsufficient number of accounts paid as agreed\r\nBalances and limits/loan amounts too high, not being reported, or reported as 0\r\n2016-05-07
Discover IT727751727Credit CardUnKnown105000400015.00New credit after rebuilding. Longest age 3.8 yrs. Avg age 1.8 yrs. Car loan 26K, Target card $500, Chase Freedom $4.5K, Cap One Quicksilver One $2K, auth user on AMEX $30K. No lates, 34% usage, 5 inquiries. 2016-05-05
Citi Double Cash Card727751727Credit CardUnKnown105000600019.00New credit after rebuilding. Longest age 3.8 yrs. Avg age 1.8 yrs. Car loan 26K, Target card $500, Chase Freedom $4.5K, Cap One Quicksilver One $2K, auth user on AMEX $30K. No lates, 34% usage, 5 inquiries. 2016-05-05
Capital One Platinum650646647Credit CardUnKnown4000075023.00Good first card for rebuilding. Got it 3.5 yrs ago when I had nothing on my credit but a few very old positive accounts that were about to fall off, after waiting 7 years for negs to fall off. This is not a card that will grow with you, but good for that first chance. After 2 years w/no lates, they upgraded it to a Quicksilver One. Its now at $2K and my lowest CL. 2016-05-05
Amex PGC660660685Credit CardUnKnown15000000.00No preset spending limit2016-05-05
Chase Freedom700701705Credit CardUnKnown40000150021.00Second card during rebuilding. Only had one modest Cap One card ($1750 CL) and was authorized user on an AMEX when I applied for this. They are great about automatic increases. After only a year the CL is up to $4500. I use constantly for cash back rewards and make a substantial payment every 7-10 days. 2016-05-05
Capital One Quicksilver530630639Credit CardUnKnown380005000.00no interest 1st yr2016-05-02
Chase Freedom6230589Credit CardUnKnown515005000.00Approved after 3 weeks...have 30+ inquiries on both Trans and Equifax. Shocked at approval!2016-04-26
Capital One608645585Credit CardUnKnown2380030024.992016-04-24
US BANK CASH + signature658640680Credit CardUnKnown1340002500024.00WOW!!! Just finished Chapter 13 and rebuilding credit Ive had a secured US Bank card for 2 years. When I applied got the 7-10 day notice. Checked my accounts today and saw a new credit card with $25,000 limit. Ive been with US bank for 2 years. 2016-04-24
American Express Gold Delta Rewards07000Credit CardUnKnown60000910019.995 yrs post ch72016-04-24
Chase Ink Cash00756Credit CardUnKnown1860002300013.492016-04-21
Dillards657637660Credit CardUnKnown1150009000.002016-04-20
Capital One Quicksilver780780780Credit CardUnKnown180000150000.00low end if what expected but okay will ask for increases over time2016-04-19
Quicken Loans675691665HomeUnKnown1070002500003.75VA Loan, easy to deal with, love the new home!2016-04-15
Capital One00585Credit CardUnKnown12100050024.99They used my Transunion credit score. Ive been trying to rebuild my credit for the second time.2016-04-14
Capitol one568559547Credit CardUnKnown11000050023.992016-04-14
Discover5240524Credit CardUnKnown4000020024.00secured it card2016-04-12
PNC Core Visa680731718Credit CardUnKnown18500000.002016-04-02
Apple Rewards Visa680731718Credit CardUnKnown185000250020.242016-04-02
JetBlue MasterCard 680731718Credit CardUnKnown185000700020.242016-04-02
Capital One Quicksilver 780790770Credit CardUnKnown200000150000.00Was a bit lower CL than expected was hoping for at least 20k 2016-03-21
Wells Fargo Visa Signature0694654Credit CardUnKnown120000700017.002016-03-21
Cabelas Visa610650679Credit CardUnKnown65000100021.002016-03-19
Discover card625625625Credit CardUnKnown4500014000.00Bk chap13 will be off in one more a couple collections as well .. I took a long break for a year b4 i started to apply ..i got a message from discover onday later that i was approved for 1,400.. Its a nice start to rebuild my credit with a popular bank..also was approved for 5k with NFCU at the same day .. I couldnt expect more than this ????2016-03-14
SAMS CLUB6790679Credit CardUnKnown10000043721.002016-03-09
Ebay MC7020730Credit CardUnKnown030000.002016-03-06
Barclays visa/apple rewards00728Credit CardUnKnown000.00Barclay turned me down in 12/15 for the MC rewards card2016-03-06
Citibank660660668Credit CardUnKnown8000080025.00I have a Sears card(3 yrs) 2000 limit, Sears Citibank(1 yr) 2000 limit, Best Buy (1 year 2000 limit), ExxonMobil (2 yrs 600 limit) all through Citibank. Never a late payment. 1 car repo from 2010. 2011 score 550, 2013 635, 2015 668. Never a late payment.2016-03-04
Golden1 Credit627636590UnsecuredUnKnown5200020000.00Personal Loan (debt consolidation) denied.2016-03-03
Discover67900Credit CardUnKnown000.00Insufficient history & too many inquiries2016-02-27
Walmart00692Credit CardUnKnown016000.002016-02-26
Amazon Store00692Credit CardUnKnown019000.002016-02-26
Capital One679592688Credit CardUnKnown05000.002016-02-26
Myesha Galloway581565558AutoUnKnown4200230005.002016-02-21
Wells Fargo Window World669700686Credit CardUnKnown172000380022.992016-02-03
Amazon669693684Credit CardUnKnown172000300022.992016-02-03
Victorias secret05980Credit CardUnKnown02500.00pulled experian2016-01-28
walmart store card00598Credit CardUnKnown01500.00pulled transunion2016-01-28
amazon store card00680Credit CardUnKnown000.00denied again wtf2016-01-28
Walmart594654628Credit CardUnKnown7800000.002016-01-28
HSN59500Credit CardUnKnown020000.002016-01-28
Amex ED07480Credit CardUnKnown250001600017.24SL8000\r\nActive \r\nClix2 160002016-01-27
Milestone® Gold MasterCard®00573Credit CardUnKnown6850030023.99$75 annual fee the first year.2016-01-21
Chase Slate659660630Credit CardUnKnown12500048000.002016-01-20
Bank Of America578624609Credit CardUnKnown178000200020.002016-01-15
CitiBank610643590Credit CardUnKnown115000250023.24FICO Score 8 based.2016-01-05
Avant00620UnsecuredUnKnown52000780030.00Applied on Sunday, approved within an hour for a personal, unsecured credit card consolidation loan. Very easy process.2016-01-04
VICTORIAS SECRET62700Credit CardUnKnown600002500.00 6 OLD COLLECTIONS2016-01-03